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Monday, November 14th, 2011
9:40 pm
The Story So Far
In a nutshell
  • I dropped out of Our Lady of the Lake University.
  • I've been working in hotels since March
  • Hoping to go back to school for the Spring Semester
  • I got a girlfriend
And that's really it so far, at least all the important stuff

-Josh C
9:20 pm
Back Again
I am not dead. Hopefully i will get back into writing this POS in the near future, i know i said that alot but i mean it

-Josh C
Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
2:13 am
San Japan :3 2/3
              I woke up around 8 and barely five seconds awake,felt the whole room was spinning,i tried to brush it off by doing the morning routine (shower,brush teeth) and headed downstairs to go to my girlfriend's panel,automatically i feel the whole convention spinning again,after awhile trying to get people into the panel,i told Amanda that i needed to get something to eat,since i skipped breakfast completely trying to get ready for her panel.Once i had something to eat at the Volunteer Room,immediately i felt like throwing up so i headed to the hotel room and got some sleep.I woke up two hours later and realized that i completely forgot about the Otakulympics (which is something i've attended to since San Japan 1.5) as soon as i got there,the panel had already started so might as well forget about it.
                  While patrolling,there was a sign up for the Cosplay Show,so just for the lulz,i signed up for the Cosplay Halftime Show and went back to patrolling.Fast forward to around 4PM it was nothing but waiting for the show to start,and it didnt start to around 6PM so it was two hours of waiting,waiting and more waiting.....it took forever to say the least and given that i still felt dizzy since the morning....yeah it didnt help.But finally the show started,everyone had their bad ass cosplays and skits,i got on stage for 15 seconds,so literally i had fifteen seconds of fame,so about three and a half hours for 15 seconds on stage,was it worth it? Sorta.
              Eventually,i walked around the convention looking for something to do when i saw Jose and Jessica together and for the lulz,challenged him to Sleeping Samurai,he accepted but some asshole from the forums caught my eye so i challenged him instead. We went over to fight and in short,i won 3-0,it was no competition and the guy hated me too so you think he would have pent up rage,but no. It was disappointing but at least it was over with

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
4:54 am
San Japan Recap 1/2!
On with the review!
Arriving at the hotel around 10:30AM so i could help out with the set up,but the problem was.....i had no idea where to go,so waited an hour waiting for someone recognizable from the con scene to help out,eventually Mike,one of the guys from AnimeFunTV pointed me out to Lauren (Proz's girlfriend),she immediately put me to work,grabbing equipment from the garage and placing them to the third floor,this lasted a few hours.
After awhile,all the volunteers (all eight of us),took a break,some went to the mall to get something to eat and the rest watched over a room where all the stuff was at so nobody would steal it,and ran into a old schoolmate named Scott who was also volunteering,we talked a little bit,went to the food court and take some free samples,and went back to work.Stayed until 6PM,went home got something to eat and finished packing and went back to the hotel an hour later to finish setting up the Dealer's Room.
After helping out some more,just pretty much hanged out with George at the Gamer Room,saw Mr 12345,and challenge him to a game of NBA Jam on the SNES but he had to do something,so it was me and George,lost twice and insulted him (out of love!),pretty much messed around with the video games until midnight,and headed to the hotel room (Mr Hicks gave me the hotel card earlier the day) to find out i had a roommate named Greg who hosts anime game-shows,he's a cool guy.Talked for awhile and said good night

After getting only 5 hours of sleep,woke up around 8AM,showered and got dressed.When i got to the third floor,i ran into my friend Sammy from school,and Dezzy and her boyfriend from the forums,afterward went to my girlfriend's panel,Kodomo Corner is basically Beginners Japanese,Origami,Chopstick lessons.My job was basically attract people to the panel,it's not as easy as it sounds.It was that for four hours,which went by pretty fast.After congratulating her for a successful panel,i headed to my hotel room preparing to pick up Kathy and Cynthia from the bus station,when i called her,she told me that something came up and they couldn't go anymore.That seriously sucked,cause it's been almost a year since we've seen each other,but she told me to have fun for her,which i promised i would
After the call,me and Amanda relaxed in the hotel room for awhile until it was time for the Forum Meet up,holy crap it's kinda weird seeing people from the internet actually in front of you,it was good seeing everyone,even better Kitty as Doctor Who hosted the event,since Seb was god knows where.It was nice,but it became like the forums and went completely off topic,and then everyone left suddenly,but it went well,that's the important thing.Me and Amanda went walking around until 5PM because that's when  i had to start patrolling the convention,she left later on,so it was nothing but walking here and there until 9PM.Saw Eraz and told me that he was going to the Masquerade (i got a Guy Fawkes mask thanks to George earlier),so i went with him and then i saw the line which had like 200 people in it,naturally i said "fuck this",and stumbled into the karaoke room,and after setting everything up and people had their turn i got  to sing Nickelback's How You Remind Me.
Sneaking out of there,i went to the Masquerade and crashed it,fashionably late in /b/ style with 20 minutes left till they closed,spazzed out dancing and left like nothing.Played Super Smash Brothers Brawl in the game room for an hour then went to the Yuri Fest and enjoyed yuri hentai in its pixel glory,got spanked by a Yuri paddle.At this point,it was almost 2AM,so i headed into the hotel room and slept.
 Saturday and Sunday will be written eventually,just getting this out of the way!

-Josh C

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, July 1st, 2010
2:32 pm
Airline Movie Part 3!
Blah blah blah,internet works,computer works,San Japan is right around the corner there >>;

-Josh C
Thursday, May 6th, 2010
3:52 pm
Once again,my computer isnt working again so please bare with me again,i'll let y'all know ASAP once it's fixed

I'll update twitter on my phone when i can

-Josh C

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, May 3rd, 2010
12:23 am
The Diary of Jane
.....yeah i' m sorry i havent updated this thing again,i've actually been distracted by Xbox Live

Anyway excuses aside,last week went by pretty smoothly.Not much to do since Tuesday to Thursday were a half days and Friday was a day off since everyone was getting ready for prom.It went better than i thought it would be.Got to be with my girl Amanda for four hours and all my friends,it was fun just dicking around all dressed up and everything,there were people that you'd think wouldnt look good in formal clothing....looking good in formal clothing XD.

It's been a month since we've been together and i'll admit,i'm stilling getting used to having a girlfriend,it has been awhile >>;.The phone calls,the chatting,the weekly visits,everything,shows how good i am in a relationship /sarcasm.But i love that girl,and she knows it

Just a quick update y'all nothing else this time

Oh yeah,i blame Taty for getting me into Josh Turner,love you sis! ^_^

-Josh C

"Dick Riding Obama" nuff said

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, April 17th, 2010
2:07 am
Angels Fall Sometimes
Alot has happened since i last updated this,some things i will address,some i wont say.

First off,I am very sorry i havent been talking to anyone online. I was in another state of depression,but this time i didnt want any help from anyone,it was something i wanted to fight by myself.With the past drama since November,it was getting to me,even haunting me day by day. It's alright,now,trust me.

StuffCollapse )

On the topic of love,i actually found someone,and her name is Amanda. Honestly,i would have never thought she would say yes since i flatly asked her if she wanted to get together and boom,here we are.She's a real sweet girl,someone i respect so much,there's too many nice things to say about her .I'm really glad to have someone like her by my side

I've been meaning to finish writing this but i wasnt sure how to put it,but at least you know i'm still alive and doing ok,this weekend i should be back online talking to y'all

Later Mimiru
-Josh C

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Monday, March 22nd, 2010
3:45 pm
Internet is out until further notice,it should take a few days hopefully for everything to get fixed.I'll edit this once it's fixed

-Josh C

Current Mood: annoyed
Thursday, March 4th, 2010
2:30 pm
Writer's Block: Life Unplugged
How long can you survive without mobile or Internet access before you break into cold sweats?

Bah since i got enough free time,let's do another entry

Honestly,i can make do without a phone now that my cell phone has a cracked screen that you can barely see half the screen.I dont call people as much as i did,only to the ones that are out of the city like Hitaru (to check up on her),Taty,George,Yvonne and even then for something important like checking if they're heading into town and so on.And with a phone that doesnt have texting,forget about it,it's a waste of time really.

Now internet,now that i need,it's like crack,you just gotta have it.The most i'll ever go without internet is a few days and that's just to dick around with checking on emails,twitter and talking to friends all over the world,again like Hitaru,Taty,Sora,etc. The most i've gone without internet is a month,and that just completly sucked so much,it wasnt even funny,if that's Hell,i dont wanna go there T_T

Current Mood: creative
1:45 pm
Nuke A Gay Whale For Jesus
Wow,it's been almost a month since i've written something here,and for that,i am very sorry

I dont know,there's days where you wanna write something,then it becomes "fuck it,i'll do it another day" and so on and so forth

Anyway point aside,I've turned 18 about a month ago today,it was pretty calm just the way i wanted it,nothing fancy.That same day i had a job interview at Sea World which went pretty well until they called me back for a second time and then they mention that they had no more jobs available so it's like "what the hell? why bother?" but hey spending a calm birthday with my mom and then finding Steven and his family at Cici's Pizza,i call it a good day

Still looking for a job,still looking for another girl,and waiting for a college to accept me,pretty much the same old,same old

For those who wanna see what i do other than Livejournal here's the links providing below

There's not much else to report this time around,just that i'm still alive,and i'll update something better next time around

Later y'all

-Josh C

Current Mood: bored
Thursday, February 4th, 2010
8:44 pm
Videogame Filler
The achivement i've done over the many years as a gamer,it's not much,and it's all the stuff i can remember from the top of my head
  • Blew up two Halos and defeated the Covenant (Halo series)
  • Overall Gunnery Sergeant, Grade 2 (Halo 3 Online)
  • Escape the horror of the USG Ishimura (Dead Space)
  • Found that special someone and lost her in Liberty City (Grand Theft Auto 4)
  • Discovered the distorted beauty that is Rapture (Bioshock)
  • Became one with Altair in 1191 (Assassin Creed)
  • "Became less human but something more" (Prototype)
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
11:58 pm
Daytime Lantern
I'm no pimp,or playa.Just because i talk to alot of girls,doesnt mean a thing.Just because i gave someone a back massage,doesnt mean nothing.For some reason it makes me think of Len the vocaloid in SPICE!,just throwing that out there

On that note,apparently if you tell people that you're going out with a asian girl,people wont believe unless you have a photograph and their signature. I might,keyword might,go out with Kim to the movies Saturday evening,if not,next Saturday.

What i'm doing this week,two tests for the Accuplacer Thursday and Friday,Saturday i have a police competition in the morning,and then maybe movies with Kim

Random thought,i always think about commanding like a small group of soldiers,divide them into three groups,one goes with me,second finds the girl and the other fights the enemy

I write more,but i'm too damn pissed at Livejournal for making me rewrite this entry twice -_-

night y'all


Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, January 21st, 2010
11:20 pm
Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...
Since everyone is doing it

Back in the day,i went under the name "teamfast" which was a group from an old N64 game and fell in love with the name for some reason or another

6 years ago,and i shit you not,i found out about a thing called e-mail and since it was the "it" thing,because everyone had one,i decide to make an account with yahoo mail.The thing was that teamfast@yahoo.com didnt have a good ring to it,so i actually had to spend a good while trying to come up with a good name

So after a good ten minutes or so,i came up with the name DJ illusion007,being that, at the time, i wanted to be a DJ (not anymore ^^;) and illusion sounded so bad ass and of course 007 because i am a James Bond fanboy,still to this day,so it became dj_illusion007

But over time,i dropped the DJ part and became illusion007. You'll know it's me since i'm the only person that goes under that name or if i wanna hide out and go under an alias,it becomes Kamikaze007 or illusion0069

That's pretty much it

Current Mood: horny
Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
11:24 am
The Mechanic and the Lady with the Green Eyes
It sounds like something off a story or something but it's not. There's this lady that owns a resturant that we go to every morning for breakfast after church,and being that my parents are good customers and is friendly to the waiters,she gave us a invite to her daughter's quinceanera but the thing was that she didnt know their names so on the invite it said "To the Mechanic and the Lady with Green Eyes" XD

Anyway,there's now two days left for the second nine weeks,Friday we get a day off as well as Monday so it's a four day weekend which is great but if everyone else is busy and cant hang out with them then it isnt fun ^^;

Oh! I'm passing all my classes so for sure i'm gonna get all my credits for this semster!

...that's pretty much it,it's nothing but short entires isnt it? >>;

Later y'all
-Josh C

Current Mood: giddy
Thursday, January 7th, 2010
11:28 am
Because we all should,just move your hips and pelvic thrust to the beat baby!

*cough* internet meme aside.The break was nice,got to clear my head a little bit and got to be with family which was nice,did nothing but eat,watch some DVDs.play lotteria,cruise around town,eat......did i mention eat,cause that's pretty much all we did XD;

New year,new things to do,i'm gearing up for what lies ahead down the road,speaking of which

June 5th,2010 at 9:30 AM in the Alamodome

Graduating time baby,holy crap it's gonna sneak on us so fast,it's not even funny. Get your butt over here and watch me walk the stage,i'll try and do the same for y'all! (nah you dont have to really).First off,gotta make sure we pass the classes you know? >>

....that's pretty much it,nothing else to add today
EDIT:If you can,read "Yotsubato!",it'll put you in a good mood cause the little girl is so cool

later y'all
-Josh C

Current Mood: geeky
Monday, December 28th, 2009
7:50 pm
2009 Wrap Up
Even though there´s only five more days until 2010 comes around,this pretty much the end of 2009 for me since there´s not much else to do except be with family until the end of the break,though i kinda wanna go back to the United States to be with my friends and see if anything was in the mail,mainly Christmas cards and acceptence letter from OLLU (though theres a small chance of that happening)
Let´s take a look at last year resoulution
  • To find a job! XD (Applied,had a interview at Six Flags,nothing)
  • To love my girlfriend by over 9000 ( Did,and broke up XD; sorry Kathy)
  • To pass my classes  (Actually failed one class,but got the credit during the summer,so i did passed!)
  • To go to at least 4 anime conventions in 2009 (Mizummi Con, San Japan 2X,two is still good)
  • To pwn Sora in Halo 3 >D (360 failed when she got Xbox Live ^^;)
  • To read all seven Harry Potter books,in order (....read up till book 3 and kinda stop >>)
  • To write on my Livejournal more >>; (I kinda did,more so than last year)
  • To write more,especially Jonathan's Awakening and Corrupted Memories (....yeah i didnt >>)
  • To call Ariel more,yet she doesnt anwsers the phone XD   (Did when I can ^^)
The good this year
  • That i´m on the right path to graduate next year.Hell even sent a few college appilcations to SAC and OLLU,i got my fingers crossed  that i can go to either one of them.
  • My classes are pretty good,i´m not failing,and the one class that i did fail,i made up so we´re good.
  • I´ve meet some awesome people because of school,San Japan.
  • I got ideas for cosplay for when the next anime convention comes to town
  • I had someone by my side ^_^
  • I kinda learned how to cook!
  • My goals of being in Environmental Sciencist or a Police Officer has strengthen
The bad
  • Alot of deaths,which seriously sucked,cause we lost alot of nice people.
  • Didnt get a job,again,but i got closer this year,because of an interview with Six Flags
  • I ran out of money,again,with only two bucks left
  • What´s been going on with Sara -_-
  • The on and off depression
  • Worried about college but i guess that´s natural
So most of the good outweighted the bad XD

New Years Resoultion
  • To finally get a damn job! ><
  • Get accepted into a college,doesnt matter which one
  • Send in the 360 and get a new one in a few weeks
  • To finally pwn Sora at Halo 3,this time with the new 360!
  • Lose some weight,i ate too much this month ^^;
  • Read and watch all the Harry Potter movies
  • Go to at least three anime conventions (that´s more convienent than four)
  • Abuse the crap out of being 18!
That´s pretty much it.It´s been a rough year but it´s almost over.Here´s to new beginnings,because everyone deserves a fresh start to the new year,or in this case,decade. Gambatte everyone!

This is Josh,aka illusion007 signing off for 2009 and getting ready for 2010

For some reason,i wanna end the year with My Cheimcal Romance,even though i´m not a big fan of them,but it´s a nice song,even though it´s bittersweet message,it´s nice song overall.

Take care everyone ^_^

Current Mood: grateful
Friday, December 18th, 2009
1:40 pm
I got nothing today so basically gonna copy and paste what i wrote on my journal Cosplay Plans
  • Alex Mercer- Because it seems like the most easiest thing to do, all you need is a leather jacket,a white sweater and faded blue jeans you're set. It wont be a perfect one,sicne it'll be tricky doing the design that's one the back of the jacket,but that's for another day.First let's give it a test run,then we'll talk about the details later
  • Altair-He's a bad ass,that's why.Again,it wont be perfect like Alex Mercer but it's something,i dont know how to do the hidden blade but again,we'll talk about the extra details later,I'm gonna ask Jose A how or where did he get his
  • Kaito- He's an idiot,i like him.Sora cosplayed as him,so it's worth a shot asking her whenever she's online
  • Len-I'm not too sure if i wanna do him,since i hate wearing shorts,but if there's another way,then let's go for it
  • Link-I wanna do this a long time ago since i became a Legend of Zelda fan a few years ago,i wanna ask my tia if she can make it since she can do that elf from the Lord of The Rings,but since she's always busy,there goes our chance,but there was a kid that cosplayed as Link with just green shirts torn up and stiched up to make the tunic,theres that or go to Michael's and get some fabic and wing it
  • Stormtrooper-Cause i'm a Jedi like that,though getting the uniform is a expensive to buy,but it'll be worth it in the end,just strolling around the convention like nothing,hell maybe make security for San Japan or something
  • Professor Pikachu-This is a rough concept,but it's worth a shot,it'll replace Professor Tree or it's the same just under a different name. Basically,me in a lab coat,with three Pikachus in my pocket (one in the breast pocket and two in the side pockets) and off course,the Giant Pikachu,and if possible,get a t-shirt that has a Pikachu on it.Can you say "crapload of fangirls all over Pikachu?"
That's pretty much it,not much else going on today,just that it's the last day of school for 2009 Cheers -Josh C  

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
4:12 pm
To put this bluntly,this weekend has been pretty.....hectic.There isnt any other way to sugar coat it.

The drama countinesCollapse )
That's pretty much the few time i'll be serious,and i'll replace this entry with a sightly happier one ^^;

There is no such thing as too much praying ^_^

-Josh C

Current Mood: thankful
Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
1:15 am
Love is War
I've been in a vocaloid mood since yesterday so shush,it's Miku's fault for being so damn cute

Anyway,Josh reporting saying.....he needs another vacation >>.Maybe it's just the fact that he's really really lazy and doesnt want to do work or the fact there's alot of drama already,or all of the above,both work XD;

I said i'm with someone right? Well,techincally we are,but offically we're not.I cant really get into details except she's not ok with what's going on right now and i have to be there for her to make her feel better,which isnt too bad,i just dont want her angry or sad.

anyway on a happier note,Snapple is getting used to us,and it's actually fun taking her out for walks,and she really love her walks,we go for about half hour or so and meet some nice people and cute girls

That's pretty much it for tonight

Night Mimiru
-Josh C

Quote of the Day
Me:"Look Sara! I'm in San Antonio!"
Sara "Oh yeah? Well i'm in Idaho...wait shit *moves* I'm in Texas now"
-Us messing around in a map of the United States

Current Mood: tired
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